Puzzling War

It is not easy to define the genre of this game at once. The distinct feature of "Puzzling wars" is that it's a mixture between match 3 mechanism and war strategy games. That's why all the lovers of these games should find it really interesting.

Far far away in the north continent there lies a forgotten kingdom. Here you are a famous tactician, who can conquer any city any kingdom and you have an important mission to conquer this kingdom. You will control your army and send it to the bloody battles.

First of all, your principal objective is to match three blocks of the same character and after that, your troops will be dispatched to the battlefield.

Also you can visit a shop, where you can buy some necessary elements, which will help you in the next battle.

You will need money to upgrade units – more powerful items can help you in the next battle. Beside, a player can also visit highscore and achievement system to get more challenges. The control is realized with the help of mouse – you should just drag the blocks.

Each of the 15 campaigns of this interesting free online game is unique with its level of difficulty, environment and enemies. Go through all of them and overcome the challenges. Actually, you can succeed without being very perfect – just solve matching puzzles of this strategy medieval game and have fun.

"Puzzling wars" 's concept was to join strategy game and a match 3 game and here you can enjoy an awesome result of developers' work. Submerge in the medieval world of this fascinating mixture of strategy theme and match 3 mechanism game. If you're bored and do not know what to do, here you can entertain a little bit and spend your free time, playing this addicting online game absolutely for free.

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