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The Sims is an excellent game. Most games are about action where the competition is intense, there's high adrenalin and involve death or destruction of the opponent. Here is a simulation game where you control the life and actions of a virtual person, the "Sim". In a virtual world where there are daily activities just like the real world, for example eating, sleeping, meeting people and dating. You create your own character and live a virtual lifestyle similar to the normal lifestyle people live everyday. Note that there are certain characters that come with the game like Newbie and Goth that you can also use. You are the creator or master of this virtual world where you portray a realistic lifestyle. Your thoughts are allowed to come to life.

Here is how you play the Sims Game. You first create your male and female characters and breathe some virtual life into them by giving them personality or style. This is where you develop the Sim behavioral pattern or mood. The astrological sign and hence the behavior is associated with each sim. If a sim is outgoing and vibrant then it's more likely that living with another with similar exercises would make life easier for both of them. The same goes for the opposite scenario. You therefore want to place those together as roommates who have similar personalities. You then have to determine the physical appearance of the sims. They are tall sims, short sims, black sims, brown, white, blonde, fat, skinny etc. You determine the look that you want. Now you must take on the role as a fashion stylist and put some clothes on your sims to wear. Just like in the real world you can keep your sims clothing consistent with their personality. The whole logic behind the game is to create a family up to 8 members. Give them personality by creating a biography.

What is the sims life without virtual money and certain necessities or assets to survive. Your next step is to furnish the sim characters with money to start out with. Buy them the necessities of life for existence in the virtual world of the sims, like a home and furniture. Even in this fictitious world resources are limited and you will have to find a job for the sims day to day life. You do this by searching the news paper or via the internet. The player must use the scarcity of time in a manner that flows with an ordinary lifestyle. For instance a decision has to be made about the time spent on eating, reading, watching the television, exercise, recreation etc. Personal development is also important when you play the sims game, therefore time must be allotted for eating, bathing, brushing teeth, sleeping, unless you want to die from lack of maintenance. When you play the sims game the necessities of life advances the desire to obtain an income so that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved. This includes financial health also. The Sims needs recreation also or else depression will set in and who wants to be depressed. If the sims needs are not met, however artificial they may be, then they act out of character and confusion and a disorderly world would be the result. The end result is the death of your sims.

When playing the sims game, you would find a partner, build a relationship by dating, get married and build a family. Of course a sim will want to date another who they are compatible with. That would ensure a smooth relationship. Falling in love will require the acceptance of one sim personality to another, as personalities are all different different. The sims can get married and move in a home together. The husband would take care of the male duties around the yard or home, while the wife does wife stuff. You play the sims game by building an environment for the family that encourages health living conditions. You have all the options within the game that gives you the information about your characters and you must utilize this information to fulfill the needs of the sims. Build a new home, build a new room, upgrade your furniture and make a better live for the sims. Play the sims game and you will look at games from a whole new perspective.

The reception and demand for the sims game is phenomenal. There is no end in sight for the growth potential of this game. The first release was in 2000 and since then this game is now the most popular PC game ever. There are sequels like Sims Online, The Sims 2, MySims, the Sims Stories and the latest, Sims 3. Play the sims game and create your virtual world.

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