Party Game – To Use For Loosening the Crowd

Throwing a party is one of the most fulfilling feelings that one feels, provided that the party is a big hit and that everyone, or at least most people, enjoy it. As a host, you have to not only see to it that the drinks and food will be not only appropriate, but also enough. Just like you would not want to serve only alcohol for a crowd that does not drink, you would not wish for the booze to run out just when the crowd is starting to get into it. Right?

Even though drinks and food are an integral part of a party, the success of the bash depends on an another important feature of every party: the games or entertainment at the party. Just for this purpose, print out the following party game.

1) At the entrance, hand the page out to each guest along with a pencil, and ask them to fill it out.

2) When all are present, ask them to read out the name they wrote against each number.

3) Announce the significance of each name they wrote. And laugh out with them as some are embarrassed, others surprised and the rest baffled.

What Do They Write on the Paper?
On the page you hand them, write the numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Write these numbers in big and bold and in a row so that each number is under the previous one.

Then, to the side of each number, ask them to write as follows:

1) Next to the numbers 3 and 7, they should write names of real people from the opposite sex.

2) Next to the numbers 4, 5, and 6, they should write the names of whoever they wish. These could be family, friends or acquaints.

3) Next to the numbers 8, 9, 19, and 11, they should write names of songs.

When reading out the results, raise your voice and try and remember at least some of the names that others wrote down. Try and focus on the beautiful men and women because they usually are the center of the crowd before people get acquainted.

The Results:
1) The person they wrote along the number 3, is the person they are in love with.

2) The person they wrote by the number 7 is someone they love, but can not understand.

3) The number 4 explains to that person what they care the most about. This is the most important person to each one.
4) The person whose name you have written against the number 5 is the one who knows you the most.

5) The person who will bring you the most luck is the one between the number 6.

6) The song you wrote enclosed the number 8 is suitable for the person you wrote at number three.

7) As for the song at number 9. This fits the person you wrote along the number 7.

8) When you come to the song at number 10, take a break. Then, when the crowd begs you to continue, reveal that the song each one wrote along 10 reveals the most about each one.

9) And as for the last song located at number 11, the solution for this is simple. This song symbolizes what each one thinks about life.

Have Fun!

Source by Jack Reider

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