Not Just Old Fashioned Picnic Games

Traditional picnic games are based on friendly competition and family fun. Potato sack races, egg tosses and tug-o-war will always be timeless favorites; but these days adding unique and modern activities to your picnic can add a whole new level of fun and much more group participation. The key to successful and entertaining picnic games is in knowing your guest audience and taking advantage of what your picnic and event facility has to offer.

The smaller children will always need picnic games that only they can participate in and activities that work well for their age group. "Duck, Duck Goose," parachutes and "Simon Says" work well for children 5 and under. Arts and Crafts determined by the theme of your event keep the smaller children's attention and that of the children who may not want to swim, participate in picnic games or use the inflatables. Bringing in entertainers, such as clowns, facepainters, magicians, jugglers, fire eaters, marionette and exotic animal shows, and tattoo, henna, balloon and caricature artists is a great way to have the children interact and in some cases, even be educated on specific subjects. Setting times for these entertainers allows children to have an opportunity to use and experience all the different activities at your company picnic.

Some event facilities may offer the use of swimming pools, waterslides, zip-lines, routes courses, go-kart tracks, paddle boats and rowboats, deluxe treehouses, hiking trails and even fishing for your guests. These built-in amenities make it easy to choose what activities, picnic games and entertainment options to include for your event. Many times, event facilities offer these activities to their clients, but it is not necessary that you use them. When built-in activities are not taken advantage of, however, groups regret not using them because their guests wish they would have had the opportunity to do so. It is beneficial to use what a facility has to offer and may even save you money in the long run.

Groups also choose to add many elements to their picnic games that are not based on a good ole 'fashioned picnic. Nowadays, inflatables and bounces come in all shapes and sizes: slides, water pieces, castles, obstacle courses, human jousting, sumo wrestling, inflatable mechanical bull and even inflatable climbing walls. The key to these activities is to have enough at your picnic for your group size, while also having enough inflatable activities for each age group. Rock climbing, arcade games, photo booths and carnival games and rides also add unique elements to company picnics since they are so popular these days. Many public parks and facilities do not allow some of these elements, so it is key to know the facilities regulations and rules and plan your picnic games accordingly.

Including stage shows, marionette shows, line dancing, tick roping, karaoke, BINGO, pie, watermelon and hot dog eating contests at your picnic is another way to include all age groups while also going beyond the traditional picnic games. Activities need to be more exciting and energetic than ever in order for guests to want to participate in them and leave another activity that may be even more captivating and fun. Races such as buddy walkers, Men's Sexy Leg Contest, Women's Bucket Brigade, spinner cones and chubby bunny, take picnic games to a whole new level, involving all types of age groups and drawing huge audiences at company picnics. These shows also give your guests who may not want to participate, something to do: watch and still be entertained. The involvement and group participation adds a key element to company picnics: excitement!

A successful picnic includes energetic and exciting entertainment, a superb menu and a unique event facility. By including equipment and picnic games for all age groups, your event gains more group participation and excitement that will be contagious. By knowing your group and staying up to date on picnic games and trends, your guests will count down the days until next year's picnic.

Source by Jamie Rose Erickson

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