Nintendo Wii Accessories – How Do They Affect the Gameplay?

Nintendo Wii is a ground breaking Console. The Wii's popularity comes from the fact that it gives the gamers interactive play, with the game as well as much needed exercise, never seen before. All age groups are finding themselves using the Nintendo console and the accessories that go with it.

For A Complete Gamer Experience

The purchase of the console includes a Nunchuck, which is the Wii remote, and the Wii sports gaming pack. There are a range of other accessories that are also available that can increase your enjoyment of this wonderful gaming console. You can also have up to 4 controllers at the same time.

There are a lot of different Nintendo Wii accessories, based on the game play needed. Different games have different accessories to increase the game play. The standard console comes with the Nunchuck which can be turned on its side and used like the old controllers.

Enter the Wii Zapper.

What the Wii zapper does is integrate the Nunchuck and the standard Wii remote, making it look like a gun with a trigger. The Wii zapper also comes with Link's crossbow training. This add on of the Nintendo Wii accessories can be used with games like House of The Dead, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, and Medal of Honor

The Wii zapper retails for $ 19.99

Wii Perfect Shot Gun

Wii accessories manufacturer Nyko came up with a controller that looks like the traditional handgun. You just have to attach the Wii remote to activate the B button to start playing.

Nintendo Wii Front Man Wireless Guitar

This wireless guitar allows the wannabe rocker to party like a top rock start using the guitar hero III game. The best part is there are no wires to get kept up in.

But if you want to get the best from you Nintendo Wii accessories, then get Legends of Rock Bundle and you will transfer yourself into your own rockstar.

Nintendo Wii on its own, is a power console. Combine it with great accessories that are available and you are onto a winner. Its great to see other companies creating adding ons to the game to increase the enjoyment of it.

Source by Peter DD Vizard

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