Mind Games?

Would you find it difficult to believe if I told you that your brain is much more powerful than the best known search engine on the internet today? It is a fact that the human brain can decipher more information at a faster rate than any search engine in existence today. Why? Because of a little known part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System or RAS! Believe it! Your brain has a conscious state and an unconscious one. As a result, there are things that happen during our days that are quite obvious but, more important, there are things that happen subconsciously which are mind boggling and happen regardless of whether we are awake or sleep 24/7.

If we analyze the consequences of subconscious thought we quickly learn that it is not only powerful, but it carves the path for what happens to us on a consistent basis. In other words "… we are what we think". Simply stated, if we think negative thoughts our lives will become negative and conversely, if we think positive thoughts then our lives will be closer to what we want. We've heard this a thousand times but we always return back to the situation at hand. If we are living lives lacking money and what we really want, it is probably because we are thinking that we lack money and, therefore, can not make ends meet. "You are what you eat" and the same theory applies to thought. "You are what you think"!

Let's say you are overburdened with mortgage payments, second mortgage payments, gas, telephone and electric bills. Well, our first and most natural thought process is to worry about paying those bills, if we do not have enough money. As we begin that process we compound a bad situation by beginning to stay on it and make it even worse. It becomes worse because our subconscious demands that we live the life we ​​think. We give power to our thoughts and our subconscious thinking that's what we want. On the other hand, if we put all of that in perspective and think POSITIVELY about it then we condition our brains to think positively on a subconscious level. What we believe to be true will be true because our subconscious minds demand that we live what we think. If we can turn that around and think positively, then our subconscious must follow suit and demand that we have positive lives! This promise has been spoken about for centuries but only now do we understand the scientific reasons for this behavior. Some schools have called it direction. "universal thought" and if you "think" something will happen, it will eventually come to pass. Entire books have addressed the subject and transported on for hundreds of pages. Here, I am trying to be very succinct and offer the same elongated verbiage in only a few paragraphs. Bottom line is: You really are what you think so CHANGE the way you think and your life will simply change in the same

Source by Ron Peters

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