Improving Your Game in Fighting Games

Fighting games are enjoyed by many people everywhere. It's a really amazing genre to play for gamers who enjoy the rush of putting their skills to the test in a struggle to win. Fighting games can get pretty serious cause no one likes to lose so you struggle until you breakout in sweat and lose after all your effort. The one thing worse than the feeling of losing a match is losing 20 to 30 matches in a row. No matter what you do you just can not seem to win. Whether you're the type to never quit or you're the type that gives up it is clear you can not beat this person at your current skill level. People usually just quit after being totally destroyed their first time playing any fighting games. If you are not that type of player and want to beat that losing streak or you simply want to improve your game, then here are some tips and tricks on how to increase your fighting game skills.

First tip establish why you are losing to your opponent. Find out what he or she is or is not doing during your matches no one is perfect Everyone has a weakness or messes up there are plenty of ways to turn your losers to wins just by figuring out what their strategy is and how they use their character. Be sure to study yourself as well, look for your own mistakes and make sure you do not make them again. The best way of eliminating basic weaknesses for new players is fighting the computer this is good for determining weaknesses as the cpu is created to have weaknesses in the games so that you can win the higher the level of difficulty the lower the time you have to exploit the CPU's weakness.

Second tip most of the time new players lose cause they openly spam their attacks this happens because you are either caught up in attacking, do not know your characters moves, or have given up trying to read them. When playing fighting games you must keep cool under pressure and not allow yourself to lose focus while moving, attacking and trying to anticipate your enemy. Focus your attacks so that you do not leave any openings while or after your are attacking your opponent Best way to end a series of attacks is to block them with a knockdown if you hit them. Practice and learn your characters moves before worrying about winning.

Lastly, be sure to play and enjoy yourself over the joy of winning. Take in every match you play, just playing will never make you better that is a myth and a joke. Playing correctly and having a similar who plays correctly are needed just as badly as practicing by yourself.

Source by Phillip Robinson

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