How to Fix a PS3 That's Not Reading Games – Make Your PlayStation 3 Problems Disappear!

When you have a Ps3 that's not reading games, then it's obvious that there's something wrong, but what? How can you know what's wrong with your PlayStation 3? It's quite easy to determine what's wrong, especially with a PS3 that's not reading games. It has to do with your ps3 Blu-ray lens. It's high particularly that it's dusty and it needs to be fixed if you want to play a game or watch a movie again.

Few tips for fixing your PS3 not reading games

1) Restart your PlayStation 3.

2) Check for any loose cables. If so, put them back in and start your ps3 again.

3) Put out your hard drive and put it back in again.

4) Delete all your saved games and install files. Delete everything that has to do with your games.

Nothing worked? Oh .. what a shame is not it? It always has to be on the hard way to fix your PS3 not reading games problem .. Let's check out the last 2 options you have.

You could send your console back to Sony. This may sound like a good idea to let them fix your PS3 problem, but take a look at this. They first have to send you a shipping box – takes 1 week. Then you have to send it back, that's 1 week also, then there's the repair phase, takes 2 weeks. And after that they will send it back to you again, that's 5 weeks you have to wait !! Also, if you do not have your warranty anymore, you will have to pay $ 150 for the repair. Quite expensive for a small fix like this.

Fix the PS3 not reading games problem by yourself!

I'd recommend you to do this, because it's not that hard as it looks like. It could have done in one day and it does not cost a lot ($ 25). As long as you use a guide to help you out, it should be no problem for you to fix your PS3 not reading games problem!

Why would you wait 5 weeks and pay $ 150 to let Sony repair it for you when you can fix it by yourself right now? As I've said before, if you use a repair guide, it should be no problem to fix the problem by yourself.

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