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A home flight simulator is a brilliant, safe, cheap and fun way to learn how to fly airplanes or helicopters.

Airplane simulator games provide a close to reality experience at the same time as teaching you how to control an aircraft. For a while now, the aviation world have used aircraft simulator software to train pilots and crew as well as to enhance flying skills in various simulated conditions.

If you think about it or know anything about what it takes to get your pilots license, you know that pilots need to accumulate a good deal of flying time. Of course a flight sim aircraft cannot replace this time but one can practice in a variety of controlled environments and gain considerable confidence. But regardless of if you are a pilot or a want to be pilot, a home flight simulator is a great option to learn how to fly, to train, to increase flying skills or simply experience flying in virtual reality.

When you first download a flight sim and learn to play it, it can be a bit daunting, especially if you don’t know how to use aircraft controls or are unfamiliar with the aircraft cockpit. This means you should look for a flight sim guide – at least your air plane simulator software should provide you with tutorials or at least an instruction manual.

Of course you can go online to and join a virtual flying school, look out for flight sim forums and ask questions too. Thats whats’ so awesome about online pc flight simulators. The development in graphics has of course improved over time with flight sim games but the best flight sim software on the market today is also sophisticated in terms of technology and modeling of actual aircraft.

Not only that but the virtual world you can fly in is so realistic that you will most likely recognize landmarks in the areas you fly over and will be amazed at how similar real airports are to the simulated images. What really makes a home flight simulator varied and challenging is that you can choose whatever plane or helicopter sim you wish. Of course you will have to purchase flight sim add-on aircraft packs to do this.

This means you will get a feel of what it is like to fly commercial airplanes like the Boeing 747 versus a single seater old fighter plane. There is a lot of flight sim software currently being promoted and each package varies in features, sophistication and price. The best flight simulators are usually the ones which include regular free updates and have many features allowing the player full control of the entire flight, from choosing your aircraft, airport, weather conditions, environment and time zone.

Usually flight sim add-ons for aircraft, scenery and countries are separate and not included in the original price but check that out for yourself.

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