History Behind the Legendary Game!

Forming a minimum clearance of 5 feet for the shuttlecock, are the poles which stand on the surface of a 44X20 feet court. The shuttlecock is aerodynamically designed to reduce speed during flight. The drag offered by the feathers of the shuttlecock cuts down its speed at a rapid rate. It is tacit that the flight behavior of the shuttlecock has puzzled many and has formed the basis of several aeronautical designs.

Shuttling it back and forth over the taut net are the players who use racket measuring not more than 26 ¾ inches in length and 9 1/16 inches in width. Enormous technological effort is put into making the racket and engineering them within the purview of the IBF. A wide range of racket costing anywhere between a few tens to hundreds of dollars can put the buyer in a quandary in no time.

With a comprehensive set of rules to follow, the players start off with a toss to select anyone of these: the ends, serving first, and not serving first. The losing side also takes a pick among the remaining alternatives.

Since the shuttlecock is easily affected by the blowing of the winds, Badminton is an indoor game. If you are worrying that an indoor game might not do as much good as an outdoor game, continue to read.

The greatest advantage is that the player has to virtually fly on his/her legs to shuttle the shuttlecock back and forth. This exercise cuts down the bad cholesterol of the body and increases the good cholesterol levels.

This is just the beginning of the multiple health benefits.

Reduction in blood pressure is imminent over the period of time thereby putting to rest the fears of Hypertension. Regular game of Badminton can strengthen the heart muscles and can easily reduce the risk of heart attack. Since excessive fat is cut down, players attain the optimum weight for their respective ages which is often taken as a sign of physical fitness. Combined with the apt diet, the effects are only nondescript. The expenditure of energy makes the player sleep well at night. The importance of sleep can never be underestimated with growing number of research directed towards improving health by taking proper sleep.

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