Good Flight Simulation Game?

What makes a good flight simulation game better than the next? Do you think a free flight simulator would be good? Do you think a flight SIM with the most sophisticated graphics is the best flight simulator? What is it exactly that you want from a good air plane game?

For most of us it's the thrill and adventure of feeling like we are flying .. for others it's just to add another game to their already large collection. Maybe you have a few joysticks sitting around the house and want to put them to good use, but whatever it is, at the end of the day, we want a thrill, a challenge and something that is going to give us a good kick.

There seems to be a surge in the development of flight sim games these days and finding a good one might be a bit of a challenge.

When I went online to search for a PC flight simulator, here is what I was looking for. This list might be able to guide you into choosing a flight sim.

1. I wanted an online flight simulation game that I could download to my computer. This is because I wanted to play online against other online players and join a virtual Aviation school online. On top of this, I wanted access to regular updates and free downloads since the research and development that goes into flight simulation games is constant. I wanted a game that was not going to get quickly outdated.

2. System requirements of the download. I do not have the largest and best of PCs. I already have a video card since I play other video games so did not want to have to spend extra on buying more memory etc.

3. Learning how to fly. I want so bad to be a pilot, but I will not be able to! In my dreams yes, but not in reality. I would love to fly so I wanted a game that was going to simulate the real thing and not just offer me brilliant graphics but teach me how to use the aircraft controls, how to handle different weather conditions and how to make an excellent pilot. I am still not there yet, but since there are a lot of flight simulator tutorials, I get a lot of help from other guys online and watching FREE YouTube videos.

Those were the 3 basic aspects I was looking for. Of course having a variety of airplanes to choose from was on the list to, but most airplane games online these days, have this option and you can buy additional download packages later if you need to.

Source by Hiroki Hosokawa

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