Games Skip on My PC – How to Fix This Problem

Games skipping problem is commonly experienced for the games using high resources. The easy and simple ways to fix this problem are as follows.

1. Install additional memory

2. Defrag the registry

3. Close all running programs

4. Install latest patches

5. Clean the system and browser junk

6. Terminate unnecessary services

Install Additional Memory

It may be possible that the game you are running may require more amount of RAM than what actually do you have. Refer to the “ReadMe” documentation of the game and ensure whether your computer fulfils it or not. If it is not, then buy and install an additional RAM.

Defrag the Registry

Registry fragmentation causes the game skipping issue on your PC. Defragmenting the registry may fix the problem. To do the job, install a PC Optimizer software that includes an inbuilt Registry Defragmenter feature.

Close All Running Programs

If games skip on your PC, close all the running programs before you play a game. This will help concentrating Windows on your game.

Install Latest Patches

The game company may release patches for improving the game performance better. To fix skipping on your PC, make sure all the latest patches are installed.

Clean the System and Browser Junk

Game skips on your PC because of the Junk files stored in your system. An online game may skip due to temporary internet files, corrupted browser cache and other things.

1. Download, install and run a PC Optimizer software.

2. Click System Cleaner.

3. Click Clean button.

Terminate Unnecessary Services

Terminating the services that you no longer need may cause game skipping problem. You shall terminate the third party services as shown below:

1. Click Start on the Taskbar.

2. Type Services and press ENTER.

3. Select a service and right click it.

4. Select Stop option.

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