Games For Your Android SmartPhone

While you can certainly take care of business with a Google Android SmartPhone such as the HTC magic or the T Mobile G1, you can also have a lot of fun with them too. Here are a few of the games that are available for free from the Android market:

4NumGuess: This bizarre number guessing game does not come with instructions, and has to be played in side-view mode. Numbers need to be entered using the on screen display, rather than the keypad, which may seem an odd decision but it means that it is fully compatible with machines without one.

Amazed: A 2 dimensional maze game in which you have to guide the ball around by tilting the phone. Although simple, this game features some of the best use of the accelerometer in an Android game to date.

Asquare: A potentially endless game, in which you have to match three shapes by swapping one or two at a time. The points system depends upon your matches per turn ratio.

Backgammon – This mobile version of the classic board game is a decent version featuring all that you would expect. However, the game also serves as a demonstration of how hard it is to drag and drop using a touchscreen, as every slight loss of contact is interpreted as a drop. It is only marginally more playable with the mini trackball.

Bonsai Blast – The aim of the game with Bonsai Blast is to shoot balls at an oncoming line of balls before it gets to the edge of the screen. The graphics are terrific, but aiming with the touch screen can be a bit hit or miss.

Brain Genius Deluxe – If you like the idea of brain training games, then you will love Brain Genius Deluxe, in which you have to complete various tasks and puzzles. As you complete these tasks, you unlock various games, such as SuDoku, Crosspix, Sliding Puzzle, and Jigsaw, which you can then play at your leisure. The games make use of all the control functions of the phone apart from the keypad, although the if your phone has a mini joystick then you will probably just want to use that, as both the accelerometer and the touch screen can be frustrating to use.

Bubble Bash demo – This is a very similar game to Bonsai Blast, although this time the balls are just floating free rather than coming at you in lines. As with the aforementioned game, the aiming mechanism is a little on the inaccurate side, but the graphics are pretty nifty looking.

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