Fun Sex Games – 3 Sex Games That You Can Entice Your Lover to the Breaking Point

There are tons of fun sex games that you can try out with your lover to make your night more exciting and passionate. Sex games in the bedroom can help the both of you to get into the right mood for long foreplay, which will result in explosive sex later on.

Let me just with you 3 exotic sex games that you can try out with your lover tonight:

1. The Bitchy Nurse. The woman will put on white panties, bras, and stockings, and take on the role of a nurse in a clinic. She will get the man to prepare for health examination. The both of you must get into the roles by being completely clinical. The woman can stroke her lover's manhood and say that it is to ensure that it is working fine. Then the woman should make the game more exciting by telling the man that she needs to collect semen samples. The both of you can then get into the ride and with the man "providing" her with the semen at the end of the night.

2. The Chauffeur. The woman will be in control in this game, and ask the man to be her chauffeur. The "chauffeur" will then drive her to a sex shop where she will go down and buy a naughty toy. Once in the car, the woman should not tell the man what she has gotten. Keep it a secret at least until after dinner. Then demonstrate the toy to him from the back seat. Once he is really excited, grab him to the back seat and shag the night out with you.

3. The Body Painter. One of you can act as a painter where you sit your lover down and paint his or her body. Get naked and you create a masterpiece on his or her body. This is a very sensitive act when you touch the areas that are erotic and sensitive to your lover. Before you get into this game, be sure to find out if your lover has any allergies.

The above are just 3 fun sex games that you can try out with your lover to increase the passion for sex. Try them out and you will be surprised at the satisfaction level that your lover will be enjoying.

Source by Crid Lee

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