Fun Foreplay Games And Activities To Drive Her Totally Wild Tonight

Fun Foreplay games and activities are one of the best ways to spice up your sex life. Most couples find that after a few years of starting their relationship, their sex life takes a big dive.

After all, most of us are pretty busy with work, family, education, sports, keeping fit and many more other distractions. It is pretty hard to find the time for some great foreplay activities.

However, the basis of a good relationship is great sex. And the basis of great sex is great foreplay. Most women really crave creative foreplay and some even find it more pleasurable than the sex act.

However, we all know that it is difficult not to fall in the same old sexual routine. This leads to boring sex. Boring sex can lead to a couple separating.

So we all know we need to become more creative in bed. We usually have to push ourselves to try new foreplay activities to keep sex alive and exciting.

Here is a list of fun foreplay games that will spice up your sex life tonight.

Sexual Food Play

Tonight, I suggest you run some chocolate sauce over your lover’s body. What about whipped cream? Make sure you lick any food off her body with a sensual and slow tongue. I also suggest that you blindfold your lover and feed them with some cut up fruit. Make sure you swap roles so you can receive pleasure too.

Toe Kissing

Many of us do not realise that the toes and fingers are a hot and sexy zone. I have actually given a woman an orgasm just from toe sucking. I suggest you take a shower before starting this activity.

Light Bondage

One can experiment in light bondage by holding your lovers arms out in sex. Just tell her that you are in total control. Most women really respond to a strong male energy. This allows them to melt and surrender more. Letting go is the basis of a deeper orgasm that goes on and on.

Foreplay Games

These days you can buy some fun foreplay activity games at a sex shop or online. Some of these games are a real turn on and they are educational too. Many have lots of foreplay ideas.

Role Playing.

Communicate to your partner about some of your sexual fantasies. There could be one or two that you could act out. Make sure you keep your role playing fun and light.

Dirty Talking

Talking dirty is a real turn on for most ladies. You can start by telling her what yo want to do to her later that night. Dirty talking gets the man in a stronger male energy. Woman love a confident man who is not afraid to be sexy and dirty. Make sure you use four-letter words for the genitals.

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