Foreplay Games For Couples With 8 Hot Erogenous Zones to Drive Her Wild!

Which are the best erogenous zones on a woman that drives her passionately wild? We all think of the usual: the clitoris and the breasts but, in actuality, there are many more. Let’s take a look at the top foreplay games for couples as they apply to eight other erogenous zones. Some will be obvious to you while others will be more subtle. Master them and you can be a great lover.

Don’t forget to go slowly. Women enjoy a lot of foreplay before sex so focusing on foreplay games for couples will come to your advantage and will lead you as well to come to a more satisfying sex life.

Ways to use couples foreplay games on the Top 8 female erogenous zones

Remember the two most common ones and don’t forget how to stimulate and caress them. Here are eight others.

1. Ears

The ears have a tremendous amount of nerve endings and a good way to play foreplay games for couples. You can lick, nibble and kiss the ears both inside and outside of the ears so that she is maximally stimulated. When you do this, whisper something sweet into her ears or blow softly into the ears.

2. The Lips

Many women find this is their top erogenous zone and most women are found to complain that the man doesn’t kiss her enough. They just love to be kissed so you can practice this and see the difference. In foreplay games for couples, kissing is important and a part of foreplay that you just can’t ignore. Make the kiss really passionate and vary the intensity of your kisses with her. Use both your mouth and your tongue for a maximal effect.

3. Neck

Many women say that one of the top erogenous zones is their neck. You can, in the act of foreplay games for couples, kiss her neck and lick it. Suck on her neck to make her extremely aroused. Stroke her neck gently with one or both hands. Explore the different parts of her neck and note that the area near the ears is extremely sensitive. Go back to this hot area over and over again in order to drive her wild.

Think about all the passion and variety you can put into this area. Allow her to enjoy a varying intensity of nibbling, licking, caressing and kissing. Don’t go too far, however, or they will complain of a bruising on their neck.

4. The Back

Many guys don’t realize how underrated the back is when it comes to foreplay games for couples. The small of the back is especially sensitive as it contains a great deal of sensitive nerve endings. Begin the process by massaging her back with oils and then begin kissing the back, brushing your lips across it. The massage helps her unwind and sets the both of you up to have the best night of passion you’ve ever had. Don’t forget to run your tongue along the back as well as women particularly like this.

5. Legs

The two top places are the backs of the knees and the inner thighs. Filled with nerve endings, they are great sites for foreplay games for couples. Gently lick or kiss this area during foreplay and try not to be too rough as these are particularly sensitive body areas.

6. Buttocks

Women often feel nervous around their buttocks and feel better when men appreciate them. Squeeze her buttocks and fondle them as much as you can. Take the time to lick and kiss this area so that the woman knows you appreciate this part of her anatomy.

7. Feet

Feet are extraordinarily sensitive and can be part of foreplay games for couples. They are loaded with nerve endings and you can include the feet as part of foreplay games by sucking her toes, kissing her feet and licking her toes. Give her feet a brief massage to let her know you care. Feet have a tendency to be ticklish so you should be gentle with them and be aware when they are being tickled too much.

8. Hands and arms

Men don’t often think of these as erogenous zones but they are extremely sensitive. Women like their wrists licked, kissed and nibbled by the man and adore having their fingers sucked by him. The areas around the elbow are also very sensitive and should be focused on in foreplay games for couples.


These are eight other sexy areas to focus on in foreplay games for couples. Target these areas with love and passion and show variety in what you do.

Source by Linda Scheifer

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