Flight Simulator Games Help Parents Uncover Hidden Treasures

Computer games can keep people entertained for hours and a well constructed game can maintain this interest over weeks, months and even years. A game that can provide these benefits without the need to rely on violence or adult themes is the dream of most parents. Flight simulator games can provide entertainment and exposure to essential academic subjects. The skills developed and exposure to this subject matter can simplify life changing discoveries. This article will explore the treasures embedded in the flight simulator games and the benefits that are particularly valuable to students.

Flight simulator games provide a realistic re-creation of taking control of an actual aircraft. The simulation is so real that actual pilots frequently use them to practice. Student pilots use the games to practice in order to avoid plane rental and fuel costs.

The game is based on the use of actual locations and planes. A player is able to select from over 100 planes which range from single engine planes such as you may see flying over your neighborhood to the large commercial planes that you may use to take that special vacation. Military jets are included in the fleet and provide speed, maneuverability and additional exclusion to the mix.

With over 20,000 replications of airports, you are sure to find one near your home or select from anywhere in the world.

There is a wide array of tutorials available in the game that allows the player to learn the fundamentals necessary to fly the selected plane. As a player gains experience there is exposure to many skills and subject matters that are not typical of many games, such as




In this article the emphasis is on students and the benefits that they receive from exposure to the game. It is my sincere belief that the learning ability of children is extremely high as seen by their ability to learn things that they are interested in, be it the latest song on the radio or some poem or story that they are exposed to. They are able to comprehend complex tasks that continue to amaze us almost every day. Once that spark of interest is ignited, they will do whatever necessary to master that subject.

Once a person is comfortable with a subject they can excel in it.

Take mathematics for example.

It may be of interest to calculate how far the plane can travel or how long the plane can fly based on the amount of fuel onboard.

It may be of interest to calculate the amount of cargo or weight that the plane can carry and this involves knowing the weight of the fuel on board.

It may be of interest to determine the angle of accent to reach cruise altitude, even determine how long it will take to reach that altitude.

It may be of interest to determine the compass direction necessary to reach the destination and in some cases the correction that is needed to correct for magnetic variations in some locations.

It becomes necessary to compensate for cross winds that may blow the plane off course.

It is possible to calculate the effects of head or tail winds.

While flying it is necessary to keep an eye on various parameters in order to stay flying.

All of these things are regularly done by a pilot however the knowledge gained from the familiarity with numbers can be transferred to academic proficiency and this is where the true treasure is found, improved excellence in academic pursuits involving mathematics and or science. These skills will be highly valued in the ability to secure a high paying job as the job market becomes more technical. This is one of the greatest gifts that a parent can provide for a child.

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