Exercise Game Ideas For Kids

There are many different ways to make fun fun for kids. Creating games that are active in nature will keep kids interested in physical activity longer. The trick is to disguise exercising within a game so children forget that they are working out and simply focus on the game. Here are some fun game ideas that you can try at home. Participating with your children will benefit both of you while instilling the importance of physical fitness. If you want your children to be active and healthy setting a good example will help in teaching the value of being fit and healthy.

Game # 1 Deck of cards Exercise Game Take a deck of card and slide the deck evenly for each player playing. On a piece of paper designed a certain exercise for each type of card. For example- hearts will = 5 push-ups, Diamonds = 15 Jumping Jacks, Spades = Run in place for 20sec. Once the exercises have been explained, the object is to be the first player to get through all their cards first. As a variation, you can use the nomination on the card to determine the number of repetitions you should do. So if the 5 of Diamonds was filled then you would do 5 jumping jacks. Face cards = 10 and an Ace will = 11.

Game # 2 Builders and Bulldozers- This is a fun game that will get the heart pumping. You will need many plastic or paper cups for this game. Take your cups and spread them out in an open surface. Place half of the cups on their side and the other upside down. Designate a time limit and break the players into two teams. One team is the builders and will be setting the cups upright and the bulldozers will be knocking them down with their hands only. The object of the game is to be the team that has either built or knocked down the most cups in the designated time.

Game # 3 Poison # 6- You will need one playing die and a piece of paper. Write on a piece of paper the numbers 1-6 vertically down the page with a designated exercise beside each one along with the number of repetitions to complete. The object of the game is to roll the die and do the designated exercise to the number that is rolled. Keep a running tally of each roll as the goal is to reach 25 before the # 6 is rolled. If and when the # 6 is rolled the score is put back to zero and the game continues until the addition of all the rolls equals 25.

Source by Mark Bowlby

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