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Most of us online gamers started out as an offline, home alone, gamer, ok maybe not alone but offline for sure. When you are such an an offline gamer you may not realize that there is a world of online gaming out there with other game players with what you can interact and exchange game tactics with. When you play your favorite game online you can become part of clans, squads or other groups you could even participate in organized online or real world events. When you have never played online before or are just starting out in this new world of game playing it would be a wise thing to start reading some of the online content out there. When you first read about online gaming at the special websites you will have a good head start on all the other newbies who start out without reading up on the subject.

Some hints and tips

Maybe your not sure what type or genre of game is made for you when it comes to online gaming, if that's the case then you should start out at more general online game websites. IGN and Gamespot are a couple that spring to mind when it comes to generic online game websites. You should visit those site if you need to read a review about a game. They will provide you with some basic information on the game you want to look in to. The review will give the game grades on graphics, game play, story and some more factors. Even gamers who have all ready chosen their favorite game come back to these sites to look up on other games or update or ad on packs for their own favorite game.

Once you have chosen your favorite game that you will be playing then you should start reading websites that specifically write about those types of games. When you are going to play MMO games the one site you should not forget to read is MMPORG.com, it's a very popular site that has articles specific to Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, hence the name. Another great site is GameReplays.org where you can get the latest scoop on first person shooter games. They also have actual video footage of players playing shooters like Crysis or Call of Duty 4 but also real time strategy games. Gamefaqs.com is great if you need a walk through or other hints.

Before you start playing online you need to read up on the subject and on the game you will be playing online. You need to be sure that the money you pay for the game, 40 to 50 dollars, is a good investment. Reading up before you start playing online is a good thing to do. Start bookmarking those site and try some of the search engines to find some more sites related to your favorite topic. Even if you are becoming a veteran gamer you will keep coming back to some of these sites just to get the latest scoop on your favorite subject. Maybe you will even start your own website after a while.

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