Eclipse Party Games

Party games are the best parts of any party. Twilight Eclipse party games will be ones that highlight different parts of the movie and will be fun for all that play. Winners of these games can be given prizes by the host or it could all just be for fun.


Trivia is a great party game. Twilight and Eclipse trivia can include questions about each character in the movie. They can also include questions about actions that each character in the Eclipse movie has done. A trivia game is simple to create with the use of index cards. Write the question on one side of the index card with multiple choice answers that the player can choose the correct answer from. The right answer should be written on the back of the card. This game is played until there is only one player left and they become the winner.


Charades can be played during an Eclipse movie party. The host of the party should write down actions, that one of the characters in the movie has done, on small pieces of paper. These papers are then folded and then placed into a bowl or hat. Each player will draw out a piece of paper and try to perform this action so that other players can guess who they are and what they are doing. If a player guesses wrong, they are out. The game is played until only the winner remains. Use all of Stephenie Meyers Twilight Saga books to get your ideas.

Name That Vampire

Name that Vampire game is a very fun, yet simple Twilight Eclipse party game. The host, or hostess, will write down several quotes from the Eclipse movie that each vampire has said. The other players can be split into teams or they can play this game as individuals. The host will read the quote to the first team, or player. If they guess correctly they are awarded five points. If they guess incorrectly, the next player or team has a chance to guess and will win the five points. The first player or team to reach 100 points will win the game.

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