Downloadable Strategy Game – Be a King

The time has come, you have been crowned prince of the kingdom and now you must build your land and protect it from on coming enemies. Start from building small villagers, ensuring that there are enough homes, farms and even protection. Slowly build up from these villagers, into towns and even large cities.

As more and more people wish to live in your kingdom you need to learn to upgrade the houses you have. By doing so your population will increase and so will your gold. With this gold you can build new buildings, hire workers, buy resources and even hire Hero's.

A unique aspect of this Strategy game is when you have hired one or more hero's who can be sent on on current quests or even be sent out to attack on coming enemies such as bandits.

With an excellent tutorial system you will be playing and on your way to being a king in no time! Once you have completed the tutorial towns you have an entire kingdom to develop, build and protect. Once you have built up your kingdom you can then look into the world!

Like many Downloadable Strategy games each level requires you to fulfill certain goals in order to progress to the next level. Goals such as get a population of 25, build 2 royal houses and so on. As you finish each area you are rewarded with a trophy, the more valuable the trophy the better you did!

Can your empire survive against the hordes of enemies?

Can you prove that you are the rightful king of the land? Or will you fail your people?

Now you can learn what it is like to Be A King!

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