Download Girlie Game – Hospital Hustle

Have you always dreamed of working in a hospital? Now you can help diagnose and find a treatment of crazy zany characters, in this fun and entertaining Time Management Game.

Your role is to help Nurse Sarah as she tries to save not only the ill patients but to also show that you are really the best nurse around, grab your patients notes, get the first aid kit and get ready to vent into the world of the medicine!

After leaving university, you enter a very small run down hospital. This hospital is more of a tutorial section of the game; it is slow paced allowing you to learn what you need to do to progress. Each level of the game is classed as a day and in order to complete that day you need to cure X amount of people within that day.

This game is very funny and quirky, in order to tell you patients where they have to go you actually pick them up and drag them to their destination, such as the examination room where they will speak to the doctor, or even to surgery.

As you progress through the game you can upgrade certain parts of the hospital such as adding more machines, adding more beds or even add a TV to relax the waiting patients. This really is one of the best downloadable time management games; it offers fun and entertainment as well as a nice challenge. Whether you wish to play for 5 minutes or 5 hours, there will be plenty for you!

The game does require some strategy in the order in which you see people, do you take the next patient to the doctor for examination first or do you clean the bed of the previous patient? As the levels continue the game becomes faster paced and you even progress to hospitals with more than 1 floor!

Do you think you can prove that you can be the best nurse? Can you cure all the patients needed allowing you to progress through the levels?

This is the perfect Game For Girls [] and you will only know if you have what it takes by downloading and playing this entertaining time management game!

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