Discover the Magic of Bakugan

Almost everyone has heard of this year’s “must-have” toy, Bakugan. If you have a child over the age of 5, then I’m sure you know Gorem, Serpenoid, Falconeer, Siege and Skyress. If you’re still unsure then stick around and you will receive a basic introduction to the world of Bakugan.

The game is based on the Japanese Anime series of the same name. As a parent I enjoy the fact that Bakugan Brawlers combines skill, strategy and imagination into a fun and exciting game. The game is played with round spheres that are called Bakugan which open upon contact with metal playing cards. The playing cards have point values and special abilities, which are combined with the number value on the Bakugan. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

The game, which is for kids 5 and up, is exciting because kids enjoy pretending they are their favorite Bakugan Brawler. During the game, kids must also be creative and use strategy in order to defeat their opponent. Each Bakugan has unique abilities and combined with the gate card it creates opportunities for players to really think about the best way to overcome their challenger.

If you really want a sure-fire way to thrill your child and provide them with endless hours of entertainment and challenges, then the Bakugan is definitely the way to go. To get your child on jumpstart so they can play right away then the Battle Pack is the Christmas gift to buy. This is one of the games being requested by kids throughout the world and its success is due in large part to how easy it is to master and because of the imagination that goes into play.

Bakugan Battle Packs give new players the opportunity to jump right into play. Each pack comes with 6 Bakugan, 8 gates cards (magnetic cards which open the Bakugan and, of course, directions for play.

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