Dirty Texting Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

How does the idea of ​​building up sexual tension prior to getting into the real action sound to you? I bet your answer is "Awesome!" Well, if my guess is correct how about letting me share some of these games you can play with your boyfriend.

When you are in a relationship, talking to your partner can sometimes get old. But what happens when you need to sound fresh and step up the excitement? When you have been in a relationship for a long time and you still want to keep it exciting, dirty texting is the perfect means you can use to make sure that this happens.

Dirty texting goes hand in hand with dirty texting games, but sometimes introducing a new sex game can be a daunting task yet it's the only way to bring sex into perspective when you are spending a reasonable amount of time texting your partner and talking over the phone .

Let's look at some of dirty texting games you can play with your boyfriend.

Creating stories and texting at the same time … This is quite a simple game and can be used to measure how enthusiastic your partner is at engaging in a naughty exchange with you. Begin with a sentence and stop it halfway and let your partner complete it. When he responds, say something that will be more or less a continuation of his sentence. Repeat this sequence back and forth to set the stage for a naughty and dirty conversation.

Do you remember …? This is one of the safest and exciting games you can play when you want to build sexual tension. The object of this texting game is to see if your partner can remember an incident that both of you have shared in the past. Start by asking him an easy question, something like "do you remember the first time we met?"

As you dig deeper, remind him of experiences like the first time you kissed, hugged, up to the point where you had sex for the first time. To make it more exciting, do not forget to remind each other of how you reacted.

Text sex … The text sex game involves dirty texting and use of dirty words to create sexual tension. This is perhaps the easiest dirty texting game you can play with your man. Start very casually. You can start by asking him a question that goes something like "what are you wearing?" When you base your game along these lines, the final result is that both of you will end up getting aroused.

Make it slow and gradual and watch how he responds. Let the questions drive both of you into a sexual zone with each new dirty text.

These three games will get your partner going and will set the stage for an explosive sexual encounter when he finally gets to see you. Dirty texting can be awkward especially when your partner is not ready to start a sexual conversation. However, you can make the whole experience look like a joke and manage to get away with a laugh. In a number of ways, dirty texting will always give you a leeway of taking the pressure when it boils down to having a sexual conversation.

You can choose any of the above dirty games and combine them with dirty texts that will make your man quiver as long as you have sex in your mind. After you have succeeded in arousing him, you will feel good about yourself. Discover your boyfriend's sexual fantasies and desires by making dirty texting part and parcel of your relationship.

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