Corporate Party Games – Livening Up Your Next Work Function

At any corporate party, games are great for two reasons – they allow workmates to bond and have fun together, and they are an ice-breaker for people who may not know each other. Here are 2 corporate party games to play at your next corporate party:

“The Gift Game” Corporate Party Game

This is one of the simplest corporate party games, but is still loads of fun. Prior to the event, purchase and wrap 10 cheap gift items for the game. Before guests arrive, hide 10 coins in and around where the party is being held. Guests have to search for the coins, and the people who find them can exchange their coin for one of the gifts, as long as they don’t open them yet. All the partygoers stand or sit in a circle, with one person reading a made-up story containing the words “left” and “right” many times. Every time the word “right” is mentioned, guests have to pass their gifts to the right, and the same with the word “left”. Once the story is finished, the people left holding the presents keep them.

“Pass the Hat” Corporate Party Game

This, more than many other corporate party games, requires cooperation and imagination. Party guests have to stand in 2 circles, one inside the other. One player from each circle starts the game wearing a hat, which has to be passed around the circle without anyone using their hands. The first team to pass their hat all the way round is the winner.

At almost any corporate party, games can generate laughs and make the event really enjoyable for everyone. All that’s needed is a bit of imagination, and people willing to ‘have a go’ for the sake of team building and having a good time.

Source by Gail Leino

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