Children's Games We Used to Play

Do you remember when you were a child all the games that you used to play? I'm talking about being a child before the Internet came around and before home video games occupied most of the time in a child's life. These games are good old fashion games that children got together in the neighborhood to enjoy. Here are a few of my favorite games from my childhood, perhaps you have enjoyed them too.

1. Flashlight Tag – This was great fun on summer evenings when the temperatures were just right. A group of us would assemble and grab one of our father's flashlights. We would then chase each other around the neighborhood with one person (the one holding the flashlight) being "it". If he spotted one of the other players and hit them with the beam of the flashlight then they became "it". Tag backs were optional, of course.

2. Lawn Darts – Here is a game that was played when most of us visited our grandparents and there was not much else to do. There were two circles that you placed on the grass and then you stood at one circle and threw these large plastic darts at the other circle. If you landed inside the circle you scored a point.

3. Hide and Seek – Here is a game that really does not need much of an explanation. One person hid their eyes and counted to a pre-determined number while the other players hid. Then the person that had their eyes closed went to find the hidden players. The first player that was touched before he reached the home base was now it. This could be played indoors or out.

Some of these games are still enjoyed by children around the world. It was certainly a simpler time in our lives when we played them, hopefully reading about them bought back fond memories.

Source by Steve Miers

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