Chameleon Gems Game Review

The Zuma style games are very popular. And the more and more developers create more and more games using the similar gameplay. One of the latest games which combines Zuma gameplay with some new features is Chameleon Gems. It’s very addictive and not so easy game and everybody must play it!

Most of you probably know the basic rules of the game, but if anyone do not I’ll tell it for you. On game field color balls (they are called ‘gems’ in this game) move from one point (called ‘hole’ here) to another one.. Your main objective is to destroy all color balls by shooting differently colored balls at them and creating the groups of three or more balls of the same color. And a number of various bonuses like fireball or slowing down of balls moving are usually given during the game.

As I already wrote earlier in Chameleon Gems you must destroy all gems not allowing them to fall into the hole. The main creature in this game is Chameleon – you control him and shoot colored gems . You can get a number of different bonuses, the most interesting one is the Rock Gun (it’s interesting because none of similar games has it). When you take it you get ability to shoot small rocks at gems and destroy them. The game is fully 3D and has one interested feature – sometimes the gems are moving above other gems on two or three levels , and when you destroy underlying gem then upper gems fall down and you must destroy them too. It gives to a player more opportunities to destroy gems and to create chain reaction for gems destroying. You even can complete the level having shot only one gem , but you must be extremely lucky for it! 😉

Another one very good game feature is the Shop. When you destroy gems or end up the level you get scores and some money. You can spend this money in the Shop after ending up any level. Here you can buy different bonuses that will be working on the (next – ???) level for a certain period of time (for example you can buy Fire Ball and on next level you will get this bonus every 45 seconds ). You can buy bonuses for one next level only and it will cost less money. For much more money you can buy different Chameleons. The Chameleons have different abilities – for example standard Chameleon you start playing with is Azure skin Chameleon and he hasn’t got any special features. But you can buy Gold skin Chameleon and you will get by 20% more money on a level. You can buy many different skins for Chameleon but only one of them can be used for a level, and you can choose the skin for the level in the shop. The shop has very many positions to spend your money, but to buy them all you should earn loads of money! 😉

This game has at least 107 levels to play; it can be seen on the very nice game map. The game unique features combined with good graphics and effects and mixed with suitable sounds and music make from this game the truly gem of latest games releases. If you like Zuma or Tumble Bugs games you must try to play Chameleon Gems. And I proud – you’ll fall in love with it!

Source by Denis Snow

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