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A new buzzword amongst young people nowdays is Bratz, and for the more online savvy of them, the hot talk is about Bratz games.

But what are Bratz anyway? First of all, Bratz are small dolls who have 'a passion for fashion' and which is currently a global hit among young girls and boys. Usually seen in their 10-inch versions, they go around in funky outfits and bearing their own nicknames. The very first Bratz were known as Cloe (Angel), Yasmin (Pretty Princess), Sasha (Bunny Boo) and Jade (Kool Kat), launched back in the later months of 2001.

As I said, Bratz are all the rage right now in many countries, so much so that many people think Bratz is really out to outsell and ever beat Barbie at its own game. Is it because of their uniqueness compared to other similar products? Maybe its the flashy outfits? Whatever the reason, Bratz is currently the best rival challenging Barbie!

Now what about Bratz games online? There's really way too much that can meet the eye in Bratz games than just a doll that can do 3 things at the same time. Consider for example that there are websites out there that only mean to give choices on how to dress up your Bratz dolls. Yes, you read it right, you might have some dormant fashion sense for all we know!

When you're in Bratz games, it's actually close to the mind-exercise games on the Internet you enjoy from time to time. But there are extras added. Most of the time, the games are flash-based, with movement and sound. The game will usually ask you to guide your Bratz doll through some sort of objective, or it will ask you to make a short video or activity sequence. Neverheless, there's no way of describing how fun these are until you get there!

One Bratz game you will really spend time on for sure is the dress up game which is the reason you got your Bratz doll in the first place. Usually it will start with picking a doll and then going to the details of choosing hair color, eye color, even up to skin color. You then move on to the dress up portion of the Bratz game where you sort through hundreds of outfits and articles of clothing. You may also or may not accessories on your doll, but do not forget to hit the 'save' button on your new creation.

Try printing your creation, post it on an online forum, use your doll as an avatar on other websites – the things you can do with your artwork is endless. Remember also that there are countless other Bratz games out there that you can play.

Whatever you decide to do with your online Bratz creations, your preoccupied schedule will be sure, and you will have hours of fun figuring out what could be the next fashion brainstorm! You might even discover that playing with Bratz online inspires you to play with your regular Bratz doll as well.

Source by Mai Roberts

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