Best Board Games For Family Game Night

Families are starting to long for more time together. When each member is plugged into an electronic device all day long it is easy to spend time sitting together but not actually being together mentally. Board games have been around for a long time and hold a classic appeal because you actually get to talk, sit and interact together, face to face.

Kids especially like games because they have a nice tactile feel and focuses them on thinking differently. Electronic games will always be around but board games are making a come back, especially with the new ones.

There are so many games available it is dizzying. Picking the best board games can be hard, so here is a short list to get you going.

Simple Fun Card Games

  • For Sale…This is a very fun game of bidding and bluffing anyone can play
  • Sleeping Queens…You wake these sleeping beauties up with your kings and steal them with your knights.

Race Games

  • Jamaica…Race around the island battling other pirates and finding the buried treasure.
  • Around The World In 80 Days…Race around the world, trying to do it faster than you opponents, even riding elephants.

Strategy Games

  • Ticket To Ride…One of the most popular games. Build your train empire longer and faster than your opponents.
  • Finca…One the island of Mallorca, you can grow all the juicy fruits and sell them to be the richest farmer on the island.

Group Games

  • Incan Gold…A fun, quick, game of bluffing and pressing your luck.
  • Wits & Wagers…Trivia game that you don’t need to know anything.

Abstract  Games

  • Taluva…Be the best at building your tribes and the island. The game changes constantly. This can be a mind bender.
  • Blokus…Great challenge to put all the pieces together better than your opponents.

2 Person Games

  • Hive…This is like simple chess, but with bugs. Faster and more fun than chess.
  • Lost Cities…Classic card game that everyone likes. Just be careful not to start an adventure you can’t finish.

Kids Games

  • Elk Fest…Great table game to work the eye-hand coordination.
  • Labyrinth…A Tile sliding game that can challenge any one, yet simple enough for kids.

Our family has enjoyed all these board games and they will keep you busy for many family game nights.

Source by Jack B Nimble

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