5 of the Hottest Foreplay Games and Ideas For a Night of Sexual Ecstasy

We all know that foreplay is one of the biggest factors in having an enjoyable sexual experience, for both men and women.

Unfortunately, all too often we forget about this and need to be reminded. Let’s face it, it’s not hard for things to get in the way – work, kids, family, college, whatever it is, there’s always going to be something that makes finding the time for good foreplay difficult.

Good sex, though, can definitely help reduce stress, make us healthier, and all around more-adjusted people. It’s also the cornerstone of a successful relationship, and good foreplay is the cornerstone of good sex.

But you probably already know this. After all, you’re here, reading this article.

The hard part for many couples is keeping the foreplay fresh and interesting. We tend to fall into a sexual routine that leaves us dissatisfied pretty easily. Therefore, we have to consciously work at continually trying new and interesting things to keep things exciting and interesting.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with killer foreplay ideas, then I’ve got just the cure – a list of my X favorite foreplay games that you can quickly and easily use tonight to have some absolutely killer sex.

1. Tasty Treats

Food is a fantastic way to spice things up in the bedroom. After all, it’s something we all have in our house, so it’s cheap and accessible. Try coating your lover’s body with whipped cream, and licking it off slowly and sensually. You could also try getting your partner to close their eyes and run fruit over their bodies, paying attention to their curves, before finally bringing it sexily up to their mouth. Strawberries, for example, are great for this.

2. Try a Blindfold

Being deprived of our sense of sight makes everything feel much more vivid. For this reason, try blindfolding (and possibly tying up, if you feel comfortable with the idea) your partner and slowly kissing them in various places. For maximum effect, avoid their “privates”, but feel free to kiss and lick very sexily NEAR them – I guarantee this will drive them wild!

3. Be a Teenager Again

Remember when you were a teenager and you and your girlfriend used to just make out for hours on end? Try doing the same thing now. For best effect, leave your clothes on until you are both so incredibly aroused you can’t bear it anymore. This usually will result in intense, explosive lovemaking, which is an experience that we usually don’t get to have.

4. The Best Number In The World

Try a sixty-nine. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, it’s when both of you go down on each other simultaneously. It tends to have an energy building effect – the more pleasure you feel, the more you will give, and the more you will receive.

5. Tell a Bedtime Story

Talking dirty to your partner either before or during the sex is one of the most sexually powerful things you can do. Do they have a fantasy they want to act out? You can roleplay, or just get them to lie back and paint a sexy picture in their mind. Mix this with passionate touches and kisses for best results.

Source by Daniel Scott

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