3D Airplane Games Can Teach You How to Fly

A 3D airplane game is one of the most realistic flight simulator games in the gaming industry. Sometimes that is the reason why this game is growing in popularity. Not only aircraft combat games but airplane simulators that simulate actual commercial aircraft are popping up in the market here, there and everywhere.

But the main reason for this boom is because of the developments in the technical side of the game. The animations and graphics are incredibly realistic. Developers of the software have managed to capture almost life like scenery and bring it into the flight simulation game. The sound effects compliment the animations too. No longer is the flight sim just a game, but a piece of software that has the tendency to transform your living room into a pilots cockpit. It is especially brilliant if you have flight simulator hardware accessories like the joystick and foot pedals and are not only dependent on your PC keyboard or mouse.

Looking back a couple of years, the more popular games were not online games but you would buy the disk or game pack at a game center and download it to your computer. Names such as Ace Combat and Sky Odyssey were the leading brand in the 3d airplane games line. But because internet connections are now so fast and the technology of the PC has advanced, flight simulator games can now be downloaded at the push of a button and played on your computer. On top of that, you can enter virtual flying schools and fly in formation or learn to fly online.

Learning to fly using flight simulators has also got a whole lot easier than before because one can easily just go online, look for a flight simulator forum and ask for help. Not only that, but there are tons of free tutorials on how to fly. You are also not limited to only one aircraft because usually the 3d airplane games will come with a basic starter pack of a mixed bunch of aircraft. No longer are you limited to just fighter jet simulators.

Source by Hiroki Hosokawa

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