Top 10 Best Pen and Paper RPG Games

Here is a list of the ten best pen and paper roleplaying games of all-time. Although there is no scientific way to prove the ‘best RPG games‘ ever, this list takes into account the overall popularity of pen and paper roleplaying games since the industry was first created.

10 – Gamma World – It’s a post-apocalyptic game, but not in the style of Mad Max. This game fit more into the style of a science fantasy game. You could play all sorts of random mutant creatures, in addition to playing people that were mostly normal.

9 – Vampire the Masquerade – Some may argue which is the best World of Darkness product. But Vampire the Masquerade was the game that put White Wolf on the map. Vampire the Masquerade has also become the number Live Action Roleplaying Game in the world. Go LARP’ers!

8 – RuneQuest – This game was considered as one of the ‘Big Three’ at some point. The big three being D&D, Traveller, and RuneQuest. It provided a different setting and system than other fantasy roleplaying games at the time.

7 – Champions – Although it may no longer be the most popular comic-themed roleplaying game ever, this game has been around a long time since it was first published in 1981. The game set the stage for many other comic book and super hero related roleplaying games.

6 – Tunnels & Trolls – Right after D&D was T&T. Tunnels & Trolls was the second roleplaying game ever created. The game was created as an alternate, and hopefully easier to play, version of Dungeons & Dragons.

5 – GURPs – The Generic Universal RolePlaying System is able to adapt itself to any game environment. Any setting you can think of has been created for the system. Its creator, Steve Jackson, is one of the most well-known game designers in the industry because of this game.

4 – Star Wars – Based on the movies carrying the same name, the Star Wars Roleplaying Game was first created by West End Games using the d6 system. Eventually it moved on to other companies and saw some play time under the d20 system, and then finally the Saga Edition. It is the premiere sci-fi, or space opera, themed roleplaying game due to George Lucas dominating the minds of nerds all over the world.

3 – Traveller – Not as famous as its other space opera buddy, Star Wars. This game, however, did come out as a roleplaying system before George Lucas’s creation did. Traveller was first created in 1977 and has been going strong ever since. The game is definitely considered one of the ‘original’ RPGs.

2 – Call of Cthulhu – A unique entry into this list. This horror-based roleplaying game is based off of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. There really isn’t a popular, comparable game out on the market now. Instead, different gaming companies have chosen to create Call of Cthulhu in a variety of different systems under a variety of different publishers.

1 – Dungeons & Dragons – The most famous pen and paper roleplaying game of all time. This fantasy game still dominates the market with all of its various incarnations, from the original D&D to 4th Edition. D&D creators Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson are legends in the industry, just as the game itself is.

Some people may disagree with the overall placement of some of these games. Others may ask why certain games are even on here. Why haven’t other games been included, like Shadowrun, Robotech, Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, or many newer games? Well, they weren’t. This list was created by veteran gamers and apparently they had a little nostalgia in them. So what do you think of the list of best RPG games ever?

Source by Samuel Van Der Wall

Free Kids’ Games

With children today getting more and more Internet savvy, it’s only natural that they look for what they like best – great entertainment in the form of games. But some of these games require kids to register and pay a monthly fee in order to be able to play them. And since most kids don’t have allowances that may be enough to pay for such services, they tend to look for free alternatives.

For many parents, playing computer games may seem to be a waste of time for their children. But with the right supervision and the right games to play, computer games may not only be fun, but educational as well. If parents search the net thoroughly, they may find that educational computer games for kids as young as three to four years old are already available.

There are even online games that are already available for children. Games where the colors of different blocks are matched with each other are highly suited for kids of age three and up. These games not only stimulate their eyes but also their brains. The best suited games for kids five and up are games that involve numbers and shapes.

Finding games on the Internet that may appeal to children is easy. By typing in the names of popular kiddy icons, your search results will prove to be enjoyable games that allow your kids to play their favorite fantasy characters.

There is a wide array of computer games online that may appeal to the tastes of both you and your kids. From popular classical games, to today’s favorite arcade games, you have the choice as to which your kid can play.

The bottom line is that, as parents, you have are responsibility for what your kids are playing. Instead of depriving them of such experiences, be supportive, and participate in what they do. By doing so, you not only monitor your kid, you’re also spending quality time with them.

Source by Ken Marlborough

Games – Adult Party Games

As social morality began to loosen (what many call a decline) the big rage among adults was the adult party games. One of the first ones was “Bottoms Up” but it didn’t end there. Today, there are more adult party games than you can shake a stick at. But what exactly IS an adult party game? Well, for those of you who have been living in a cave for the past 30 years, we’re going to give a brief overview of the various types of adult party games that you’re likely to find.

The first adult party games were probably the most dangerous because they involved drinking. Lots of it. One of the early adult drinking games was “Bottoms Up”. The premise of the game was basically pretty simple. You went around the board by roll of the dice and did whatever each square told you to do. If you landed on a Bottoms Up square then you took the shot glass off the square and drank whatever was in it. The variety of drinks people used for the game were numerous. Those who were not so daring would use wine or even soft drinks. But there were some pretty hard core drinkers in these games and it was very easy to get very drunk, very fast. The knock offs of Bottoms Up came fast and furious, all focusing on the theme of drinking.

But drinking games were not the only adult party games. From drinking we moved on to sex. There were about as many titles of adult sex games as their were drinking games by the time the adult party game craze got into full swing. One of the most popular adult sex games today is “Monogamy”. It was actually voted adult game of the year once. The game itself is a board game where the couple moves around the board and follows the instructions on the cards that are turned over whenever a square is landed on that indicates to pick a card. There are cards for him and her. There are also fantasy cards.

The game is a mixture of conversation and activities. Some of the activities are relatively tame while others can be quite steamy, depending on what level you play. Since the game is only for 2 people, it is usually played between husbands and wives or at least a couple who are together. The board itself is very colorful and the “track” on the board is shaped in the form of a circle or wheel. There really is no winner or loser in this game, as with most adult party games. It’s simply getting down to the object, whatever that may be for each person.

While “Monogamy” is for 2 people, there are many adult party games involving sexual activity that are for groups of people where you could end up with just about anyone in the game, even if they are the same gender. Some adult party games get pretty wild.

If you are new to this sort of thing, you may want to start slow by getting Monogamy and playing at the lowest level, then working your way up. It’s a great way to get your feet wet, among other things, in the world of adult party games.

Source by Michael Russell

Games – Should Kids Play War Games?

If you grew up in the early to late 60s you remember watching Vic Morrow in the great series Combat. You were so taken by the his performance that if you were a normal kid, you wanted to be Sergeant Saunders. And you got the chance to do it too. The toy stores were stocked to the rafters with Saunders trademarked camouflaged helmet, Thompson Sub Machine Gun and hand grenades. The gun had a pull back knob that was quite realistic and the gun made quite a racket when it was shot. The grenades were equipped with the old style cap explosives that also made quite a bang when the grenade hit the ground correctly.

Taking your equipment, you and your friends made off for the nearest woods or mazed area. You took turns hunting each other down. Because nobody really got shot, you were pretty much on the honor system when someone snuck up behind you, started shooting and said, “you’re dead”. You were always tempted to say, “I’m just wounded” and walk off to the aid station for a brief timeout until you were “healed” and ready to get back in the game. Nobody really died and the games went on forever until you simply got tired of playing or your mother called you in for dinner. It was all pretty harmless fun.

But, it’s 40 years later and parents are wondering if they should let their kids play war games. They’re afraid that if their kids play with guns they will grow up to play with real guns. We have become so politically correct that it has gotten to the point where you can’t even find guns in a toy store anymore. Those days are long gone. So if a kid wants to play army, he better have a very good imagination.

The question is, is this right? Certainly not every kid who played with guns grew up to become a killer. An associate of mine had not only a Saunders Tommy Gun, but also a German Luger, an M1 rifle, a Colt 45 and quite a few hand grenades. He says he had to have several when attacking those German bunkers. Today, this kid who lived to play army, is a successful Internet marketer and has never held a real gun a day in his life.

The truth is, it doesn’t take a toy gun to turn a kid bad. If somebody is destined to turn to a life of crime, he’s going to do it with or without having played with toy guns. So the question of whether or not kids should be allowed to play war games is one that has to be answered by each individual parent. Parents should make informed decisions about everything they allow or don’t allow their children to do. There is an old saying that says guns don’t kill, people kill. That was true in the 1960s and it is true today as well.

Certainly toy guns don’t kill anybody.

Source by Michael Russell

Truth About Online Games

One thing which never seems to die down will be the hype created by online games. Many might think that the fever of online games has died down but they couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, online games are most popular today in comparison to what they were a few decades ago. The undying appeal for the virtual world of gaming is at a constant up rise. Due to the advancements in technology, the graphics, quality of visuals and sounds, have drastically increased in every capacity, simply pulling more fans into its area of influence. The access to the internet has also increased the number of people who can access these games in the very first place. The realistic sense of the virtual world, which we refer to as the world of gaming, simply plunges every person into its orbit. This in turns them into obsessive fans to this illusionary, yet very surreal world which is under their control and power.

When coming down to online games, over the years, they have seemed to have gained unparalleled followers unlike any other. As mentioned before due to the increased access of the internet, the advanced technological graphics used simply make games very addictive. Due to the mere fact that these games are to be accessed online, time is rather saved from downloading these very games at the very start. Few games also allow a user to save their progress after a very short sign in process which can be logged in through social media websites as well such as Facebook, Google+, Yahoo etc. A recent study has also shown that almost one in every five users on the internet access gaming websites and this number is predicted to increase with the due passage of time as game developers are very keen on producing innovative time effective and fan-following online games which keeps a user busy for days. Even though a handful of people would go against the very essence of online games, there are not only multiple, but several benefits of online gaming which many are unaware of. Luckily for you, who stumbled upon this article, be aware of all the benefits which online games have to offer.

Enhance Memory

Online gaming provides a platform which is indeed very re-collective in terms of making a user plunge into the world of gaming. The biggest perk of online games is that the user has a variety of games to choose from which are away at a click of a second, at equal lapses. Everyone is aware of the fact that humans normally do not utilise 100% of their brain function. Games like puzzles, logic based games, trivia and problem solving games help brain function. Normally humans use one part of the brain but by playing these specific ones, the brain of the user does not only one part of the brain but almost all areas are active and functional. With new games added to the list every day, the user has countless options to choose from alongside new activities to indulge into in the online world of gaming.

Recovery & Health

There are many people out there who are suffering from all kinds of illnesses. Online tools used in games can be very helpful in this regard to help speed up recovery. Parents whose child is sick may find refuge in these games to understand how their child is suffering and can make them understand their child better. Most of the tools which are used in gaming help to increase sharpness and awareness amongst kids which is a great way to booth and improve the mental health of many children suffering from illnesses such as dyslexia. Not all games on the internet are for entertainment; rather most revolve around an educational background which is indeed a motivational area of comfort for children. Many non profit organisations formulate games in order to help aid those children and adults which are suffering for specific kinds of illnesses.

Social Interaction

Many people are shy when it comes to mingling along with others and finding comfort amongst their fellows. During this dilemma, many find solace through interacting with fellow players in the gaming world. This is something which has over the years taken a turn for the best in order to increase social interaction. There are communities formed within these games which indeed form a bond between all prayers and rather forms a community. The virtual world indeed is sometimes very promising when it comes to providing people a platform to voice out without their identity being given out. Such examples of games include Club Penguin which has become very popular. The game simply allows people to entire a world which is full of penguins and for them to interact with other players who too are penguins. These people are from places across the globe. Users also have the option to chat with fellow players and parents have the option to keep a close eye on their children as the site asks for parental consent before indulging in the game.

All in all, there are many more benefits which the virtual world of online games has to offer which not many people are aware of. Only a few are stated in this article but do try out this as an experience for yourself by trying out an online game and then sharing your experiences in terms of benefits.

Source by Minahil Imran

Bedroom Games – 3 Bedroom Games to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Feeling naughty tonight? Are you running out of ideas to spice up your sex life? With more erotic, exciting and fun bedroom games, you will be able to make your sex life more enjoyable and have much longer foreplay.

Many couples complain that their “honeymoons” are over; their sex lives are not longer exciting and passionate. If you are one of them, it is now time for you to take action and bring back the excitement and fun of having sex with your lover.

With the right bedroom games that I am going to introduce to you, you will be able to get rid of boring sex life immediately:

1. Lusty Reading. Get a few books with steamy sex scenes in them. Now flip through one of the book until you come across a steamy sex scene. Then read it out loud to your lover, which follow by the both of you acting out the details of it. Once you are done, pass the book to your lover and choose a new scene to act out.

2. The Dirty Mind. When you are out for dinner, have your lover guess what sexual position, technique, or sexual encounter that is in your mind now. Then give your lover 2 chances to get it right. If he or she still cannot get the correct answer, you can give 2 clues to lead your lover to guess the correct answer. If at the end you lover still does not manage to get it right, then he or she has to grant you whatever sexual request you make later that night.

If your lover gets it right, then you have to grant the lusty request by him or her.

The above are just 2 very simple and common bedroom games that you can play so as to spice up your sex life. There are tons of interesting, creative and erotic games out there fore you to explore, be sure not to miss them.

To get more wild, creative and erotic bedroom games, you can visit the website below:

Source by Crid Lee

Games, Games And More Games

For years I have been observing the games people play in relationships regardless of their nature; marriage, failing relationship, new relationship, platonic relationships and romantic relationships. Before I continue however I have to admit that I have played a few myself and have been the recipient of many during my adult years.

Exactly want are relationship games? They are generally manipulative tactics to achieve;




In the world of sports almost every event from playing tennis to ping pong involves a competition which almost always implies a winner and a loser. Relationship games are no different. There is usually a competition for;

Attention from the other person

Getting even with them for some reason

Punishing them for some unexpressed motive

Many game players are passive aggressive while others are just insecure. But most let their ego rule their behavior and ultimate outcomes. In the end all game playing wastes energy, time, resources and causes emotional pain of some kind.

There are too many types of relationship games to begin to even list even the more common ones. I can tell you that if you are a game player you know who you are and if you are on the other end of any relationship games you most likely know it or should by now.

Playing games implies that people are generally not dealing in the truth or have some need to unconsciously hurt the other person. So, why do people need to play games in their relationships?

If you are a long-time subscriber to my weekly tips you have learned by now that I generally don’t offer answers to many of the questions I pose or the topics that I share with you. You know that my intent is not to tell you what to do or how to do it but only to ask you to think about the topic covered relative to your attitudes, feelings or behaviors. This one is no different so here are a few questions to consider.

1. Are you in a relationship (and I don’t care how long it has lasted) where game playing is prevalent?

2.Are you a game player in your relationship or is it your partner or are both of you guilty?

3.When you play a game and you win, is the short and long-term price worth it?

4. When you get involved in a game and you lose, how does it make you feel about yourself, your partner and your relationship?

5.Do other people you know see the games that are being played in your relationship but neither you or your partner seem to be aware of them?

6.If there is a lot of game playing in your relationship who tends to start them most often? Who is the loser most often?

Now it’s time for you to do a little work.

Source by Tim Connor