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With so many video game consoles and video games out there, it can be hard to follow what you’re kids are playing these days. This article will inform you of the latest and greatest video game consoles so that you know will acquire a small idea of what the kids are up to these days.

First off, let’s talk Nintendo. In the 1980’s, 1985 to be exact Nintendo was established and released its first video game console and video game: Super Mario Brothers. Nintendo is a classic brand in the video game industry. Granted they were not the first in the business, they are trend setters in their niche, and a force to be reckoned with.

Nintendo’s latest console is called the Wii. The Nintendo Wii, or just plain Wii, is different from other game consoles in that the remote controller responds to physical movement and gestures made by the person using the controller. This is a great concept as many kids are not getting enough exercise due to wanting to sit in front of the television all day and play video games. With the Wii, at least they get some kind of physical exertion.

Now let’s talk Sony. Sony is the creator of the Playstation. The latest version of the PlayStation out right now is the PS3. The PS3 is your conventional gaming console with high definition graphic capabilities, high storage capacities, and blu-ray, internet, and dvd options. All three gaming consoles that we’re mentioning in this article have high storage capacities and dvd capabilities.

Lastly, let’s have a look at the Xbox…yes, Mr. Bill Gates is dabbling into the video game console territory also. Anyway, the Xbox360 and the PS3 have been rivals for a while boasting much of the same capabilities and features. The newest addition to the competition is the Wii.

Well, that’s pretty much it and all the home gaming consoles that you must know about. There’s also the Wii, PS3, and XBOX 360 extra equipment and accessories, but we’ll save that for another article…

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