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When it comes to online games there are so many categories are available that may be very difficult to choose which one to play, after all, you’re only limited by your own free time, today we show the contrast in game genres, be aware of what is available and what no, the online games have been designed according to the players age, in other words younger players should not be playing war games instead, educational games such as memory and puzzles are recommended instead.

There are several kinds of online games available for audiences of all ages, using some of the features games such as chess, others mix card games strategy games and others shooting games to a whole new level. The big online game that most of the shooting is called madness death wish, the relevant game played only affected adults and older teenagers or violence, having said that older audiences can take the game to the fullest because similar games can be found on sites such as Cartoon Network that are known to online games to a whole new level.

Madness death wish is not really much of a game, but rather a simulation of what would happen if a player were to five different enemies at the same time using different weapons. The simulation is quite funny because of the way the player is programmed to move, for example if you get the gun with spears. You get to shoot the enemy from front to back, and without seeing them, it is a very stylish killing game, however, the main player always dies in the end in the hands of an enemy that is behind the wall, if you play this game, you have to agree to in the best position to become one of the most important powers in the blood of God, it literally rips his opponents apart.

bubble puzzle is a cute game much like Tetris but without the intricate shape combination and complications. Unlike Tetris, it does not have to align objects that are common to you rather than a certain speed you are expected to line up bubbles or balls of the same color, if it happens you’ll be able to eliminate a line or group of balls of the same color, which makes its way clear to the top, but this game is similar to Tetris in the sense of speed, if you are not able to eliminate in as many bubbles as little time as possible on the roof, which has bubbles coming off a crushing you it will make you lose it sounds like a very simple game at first glance, but it is not so. If you like Pacman and Tetris, then this game is for you.

Source by Ivan A Cuxeva

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